One of the sub committees of the Tibetan American  Foundation of Minnesota (TAFM) is the Youth / Sports. TAFM sees that sports  enhance not only physical well being but provides much needed social  interaction and harness youth energy into productive skills This committee  strives to sponsor and organize sporting events annually among the youth both  locally and in competitions with the Tibetan associations in Midwestern regions  of Madison and Chicago.

Every year around the time of His Holiness the Dalai  Lama’s birthday on July 7, Midwestern Tibetan communities of Chicago, Madison  and Twin Cities gather to take part in sporting events of Basket ball and  soccer competitions.  The enthusiasm thus  far from our youths has been keen. We continue to envision on how to better the  current sporting events into one that is more inclusive of the cross sections  of Tibetans of all sexes and ages. 

Sports & Youth Development Committee as follows:

Chairman- Kunchok, Paichnag   Phone: 651-633-4395                      Kunchok – la  Kunga la  Norsang la