Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota’s (TAFM)  operation depends on financial support from the Tibetan community and its  supporters. Your annual membership fees help the TAFM organize its many  programs and add to the richness of Twin Cities’ cultural diversity. TAFM’s  basic membership fee is $36 annually. A tier system membership is also  available as described in this Membership form.

        Ever since the inception of the TAFM in 1992,  members have been paying an annual membership dues to meet the operational  costs of the foundations center and its many activities. Basic membership fee  of $36 was approved by the members in a General Body meeting several years ago.  At various social, cultural or religious events, TAFM initiates Membership Drive  to register new members. We encourage current members to reach out to their  friends and relatives to become members.
The survival of the Tibetan identity and culture in  the state of Minnesota depends very much on our allegiance and membership to  the organization.

Membership  Level and Fee:

  • $36 – Basic Membership
  • $75 – Supporter
  • $150 – Benefactor
  • $300 – Patron

Please download this  form (here) to mail  in your membership. You now have an option to pay online using this link (Razoo  Donate Button)
Your  Membership Helps:

  • Cover the expenses of the Tibetan  Community Culture Center maintenance. For example, electricity/power bill alone  comes to an average of $700.00 each month.
  • Pay for office expenses – stationary, furniture  and staff salary.
  • Invite religious scholars and prominent  Tibetan personnel to Minnesota greet-and-talk programs with the Tibetan  Community.
  • Bring lectures, seminars and workshops  beneficial to the community.

Benefits  of Paying Membership Dues:

  • I am the TAFM! I own the Center! Let’s  pay for its upkeep.
  • Voting right – Members enjoy voting  right to participate in the election of TAFM Board of Directors. Members must have  both TAFM membership and Dhanglang Chatrel (Green Book) dues paid to date to be  eligible as voting members.
  • Receive reduced fees for Tibetan Culture  School and Performing Arts enrollment for your children.
  • Discount entry fees for events as  designated by TAFM Board of Directors.
  • Discount TAFM hall rental ($600.00 for  members/$750.00 for non-members) for personal use like birthdays, graduations  and others deemed proper by TAFM.

How  to Pay for Membership Dues:

  • Visit TAFM office and register in person.  Tibetans and non-Tibetan friends are welcome to visit our office during  business hours of Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. New comers to the  Twin Cities who are interested to be part of the TAFM are welcome to tour our  facility and be guided by our office manager.

  • Tibetan members can also contact Board  of Directors (contact link) or the Area Coordinators (contact  link) for membership, Green book dues and any TAFM related information.
  • We have started an online pilot program  to reach out to more Tibetans and supporters in the Twin Cities. Through www.razoo.com/story/Tafm, we can now  donate your contribution. Razoo sends us the payment once a month. For  disclosure purpose, Razoo will keep 2.9% of the contribution for processing  fee.
  • For  further information, contact:

Tsultrim Thartse, TAFM Membership Chair, Ph:  651-600-8007 tsultrim.thartse@gmail.com
Tenzing Sherap, TAFM Office Manager, Ph: 651-917-9556,  office@tafm.org