Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota’s (TAFM)  Spiritual Committee performs an important function to meet the growing needs of  the Tibetan and American Buddhists. At the TAFM’s center, major Tibetan  Buddhist festivals are observed. Occasionally, Central Tibetan Administration sends  circulars to the Tibetan associations and settlements worldwide to observe  needful religious ceremonies or prayers. Likewise, our members fulfill those at  our center.

Heeding the constant advice of His Holiness the  Dalai Lama, TAFM organizes religious teachings and debates to intellectually  stimulate, especially Tibetan youths’ interest in the sublime teachings of the  peerless Buddha. We seek expertise and coordinate some Buddhist congregations  with the local Gyuto Monastery.

Besides, local Tibetan associations or individuals  organize religious teachings and ceremonies at the center. Of the many  activities, special mentions are the coordination of His Holiness the Dalai  Lama’s visit to the Twin Cities from May 6-8, 2011 and co-organization of His  Holiness the Sakya Trizin’s visit in July 2011. Such high profile events rekindled  people’s faith and interest in Buddhist spirituality in the Twin Cities, MN.

 Minnesota Tibetan Community stands out as a unique  place where the resources of Tibetan Buddhist Spirituality in its many aspects  are available to those interested.

Spiritual  Committee Members

Chair:  Ngawang Chime, Cell Phone: 952-237-5269


Thinley Woeser
Thupten Dadak
Karma Wangchuk
Dorjee Gyalpo
Dhawa Tashi
Jhampa Tender
Tenzin Drangsang
Lhundrup Gyatso