As the Tibetan community continues to grow in the  Twin Cities, the Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota (TAFM) felt the need  to help our members in dealing with their personal losses. As the Tibetan  people’s culture and attitude toward life varies from the mainstream American  culture, many personal and societal issues that Tibetans confront are new and  unprecedented. While Americans have an existing social structure and resources  that meet their needs, Tibetan immigrants face serious setbacks due to cultural  differences. TAFM strives to fill that gap. When our members get sick and  hospitalized, or there is death of a Tibetan, TAFM helps them whenever possible  in providing monetary donation, arranging rituals and prayers specific to  Tibetan Buddhists. In coping with personal or family issues, TAFM is ready to  help any Tibetan whenever asked. We request them to call our office. We always  maintain confidentiality.

Highlights  of Social Service Committee of TAFM

  • Annual free       flu shots in coordination with University of Minnesota Medical, Fairview
  • Helping       Tibetan families during illness or death.
  • Annual free       meal to homeless people.

Social  Service Chair: Kundol Tsering Ph: 763-742-5723