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Lungnyi  Phuntsok Khang

Twenty years  after the first group of Tibetans arrived in the Twin Cities in 1992, the  Tibetan community in Minnesota has become vibrant and busy with activities  almost every week. Years of collective effort and leadership has paid with the  Tibetan Culture Center which is the centerpiece of the Tibetan American  Foundation of Minnesota (TAFM). The 7500-square foot building with parking lot is  conveniently located in St. Paul, near the Minneapolis/St. Paul border with easy  access to major freeways.  The building  was purchased in July 2003. Pema Takza, former TAFM board member and Chair of  the committee that oversaw the purchase of the community property said proudly,  “The Tibetan Community Cultural Center committee has worked hard and it  has been a long quest, but I believe that we have found a place that will serve  the community well.”

Well served  indeed. With their own culture center, the community has become more active and  frequent in organizing events that meet the needs of all sections of the  population; be it the weekly Friday Lamton – mentoring program for the high  school students, Buddhist festivals and prayers, or the social gatherings. His  Holiness the Dalai Lama, well aware of the need gave his blessing and named the  center ‘Lungnyi Phuntsok Khang’. His visit to Minnesota in May 2001 provided the  seed money that led to the procurement of the property. In addition, each  Tibetan adult in Minnesota contributed $200 or more for the Center. The center  was consecrated by His Holiness the Sakya Trizin in June 2003.

For years,  TAFM hosted numerous Tibetan Buddhist masters, scholars, activists and  personnel of the Central Tibetan Administration.  The center includes main hall, chapel,  kitchen, office rooms, class rooms and storage facility. The Center is now the  hub of all social, cultural and educational activity. Local Tibetans can rent  the center for personal use like birthdays, graduations etc.

With the continuous growth of Tibetan population in the Twin  Cities, TAFM is planning to upgrade its center to a bigger and better one.  TAFM estimates the project to cost about $2.3  million including a new addition of 6000 sq. ft. (with a 120- car parking ramp)  will provide for the following:

  1. Enough space  and rooms to accommodate 250 students at the weekend Tibetan language school.
  2.          Media center  for students to include audio and visual presentation.
  3.         Recreation  facility (basketball) for youth.
  4.         Enough  capacity to accommodate 500 people for events.
  5.         Enable  services for senior citizens.

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