Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota  (TAFM) is a registered non-profit organization under 501 (c) (3). TAFM was formed  in 1992 to aid in the resettlement of Tibetan immigrants to the state of  Minnesota. The Congress under the Immigration Act of 1990 granted one thousand  immigrant visas to Tibetans living in India and Nepal. With the help of a group  of volunteers and American host families, 160 Tibetans were settled in the Twin  Cities area in 1992-93. Over the years, with gradual re-unification of family  members, the Twin Cities’ Tibetan American population increased many fold to approximately  three thousand. Minnesota now has the second largest Tibetan American community  in the United States. Most of the Tibetans reside in and around the areas of Minneapolis  and Saint Paul. Tibetan new arrivals to Minnesota under the “immigrant” status  are not eligible for any public assistance funds. In fact, prospective Tibetan  immigrants have to prove their self sufficiency prior to setting foot in the  United States. Since their first arrival in the state of Minnesota in 1992,  Tibetans have worked hard against all odds to build a thriving and exemplary  community that place strong emphasis on self reliance and education.

Mission Statement:

TAFM is committed to preserving and  promoting the rich Tibetan cultural and spiritual heritage under the leadership  of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.                                                  


Tibetan  language School • Traditional Music and Dance Lesson • Sports and Youth  development • Spiritual Services • Social Services • Student Mentorship •  Scholarship • Guest Speakers • Health Education • Free Tax Filing Assistance •  Events and Functions

Future Programs:

With the continuing relocation and  increasing Tibetan population in the Twin Cities, TAFM is actively looking for  a large space. TAFM estimates a budget of $2.3 million to reconstruct the  existing building while a new addition of 6000 sq. ft. (with a 120- car parking  ramp) will provide for the following:

1.       Enough space and rooms for up to 250 students of the Tibetan Culture  School.
2.       Media center for students.
3.       Recreation facility (basketball) for youth.
4.      Enough capacity to accommodate 500 people  for events.
5.       Enable services for senior citizens.


Help us reach our goal.

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* Becoming a member by contributing only $36 a year. * Making donations * Volunteering